domingo, 3 de febrero de 2008

Eurostars Madrid Tower *****GL

The hotel is located on a privileged site on the main Castellana Avenue, inside the Cuatro Torres (Four Towers) Business Area, one of the major areas of economic development in Madrid. This same business park will eventually house the future City of Madrid International Convention Centre.

The Eurostars Madrid Tower takes up 30 floors of the majestic SyV Tower, rising 235 metres high. This spectacular colossus designed by architects Enrique Álvarez Sala and Carlos Rubio Carvajal is supported by three large elliptic pillars that emerge, as though from a crater, from the two levels of the public plaza situated beneath the tower. The triangular layout of the ground plan, with its vertices and curved sides, generates an unbroken double glazed façade. The distribution of space is conceived around a central core containing all the vertical communications systems.

The Eurostars Madrid Tower *****GL will provide 475 guestrooms, of which more than 25 will be suites. They will all be equipped with full automation, as befits intelligent buildings and the latest in audio-visual appliances.

A full-scale spa, situated on the 28th and 29th floors to offer a complete range of health and beauty care services, plus over 2,500 square metres of reception rooms for housing any type of event, all comprise the amenities provided by the majestic Eurostars Madrid Tower ***** GL. An authentic urban oasis at your full disposition

Business travellers and tourists on leisure trips will find in the Eurostars Madrid Tower the ideal place to enjoy a truly unforgettable stay, surrounded by a world of comfort and facilities.

For this ambitious Madrid project, Eurostars Hotels has chosen an innovative decor in tune with the exterior image of the building, based on fine materials and an elegant combination of colours.

As in the rest of the hotels belonging to the chain, art and culture will have a significant presence in the Eurostars Madrid Tower***** in the form of exclusive works by prestigious artists. Hotel guests will be able to perceive that they are in a high-rise building through the fantastic views that can be admired from each of its 475 guestrooms.

More information about the Hotel, [here], and more information about the Four Towers Business Area [here]

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