lunes, 29 de junio de 2015

La ventajas del carsharing, proyecto #DesAUTOxícate

Los retados de #DesAUTOxícate conocen de primera mano las ventajas del carsharing con Bluemove, una alternativa de transporte eficiente y responsable.

La bici en el reto #DesAUTOxícate

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  1. Yo soy un turista, en septiembre vamos a ir desde el hotel hasta el aeropuerto a las 5-00 de la mañana, el hotel se encuentra en Alsasua 5, 28023 Madrid, ¿cómo puedo ser mejor? Grasias

  2. Hi Oleg, I recommend you if you prefer to save money and don't have any problem to store your luggage the day-evening before (see this web: I think the best choice is the airport. Then spend the night in the centre Madrid, there is a lot of places to have a good time. And finally take the express bus to the airport in Cibeles around 2:30-3:00am. Because I've seen your hotel is far from center. I hope it helps you

  3. Oleg, another option is to hire a private shutle, maybe you have the choice in your hotel or then you can book it in this website ( given the address of your hotel. But it will be more expensive, around 30-40€